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Pwim is a Telegram chat room for webmasters, seo, programmers, smm, internet marketers and other internet personalities.

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We often write on work: how to optimize the site, how to fix the template, how to merge traffic in the plus, that’s it. Help newbies.

Pwim chat rules

  1. admin and moderators are always right;
  2. It is forbidden to insult other chat members, but a little is allowed, at the discretion of the administration;
  3. Advertising of affiliates, software, services, services and jobs is forbidden, more details about advertising below;
  4. It is forbidden to discuss prohibited topics: terrorism, violence, selling children.

Punishment for violations according to the situation and the mood of the one who will punish you.

Set your username (so that you can be addressed by @) and avatar in Telegram. When entering the chat introduce yourself, tell a few words about yourself and how you found out about the chat. Without this you can be kicked+ban without explanation (but the most common is suspicion of a bot).

How to join the Pwim chat room

Search for @pwim_chat or click the link below:

join pwim.

What is Pwim?

The name of the chat room is derived from the abbreviation “Plastic windows in Moscow”, which translates to “Plastic windows in Moscow”. Among seo-optimizers this word combination is often used as an example of the most expensive query for promotion in Yandex for the region “Moscow”.

Well, once upon a time in the 2000s it was like that.

Advertising in chat

There is no advertising in chat. 😛