best links for registration

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Probably the best links for registration in affiliate programs.

But seriously, I’ll just leave here links for registration in different affiliate programs. It’s useful to me, and you - help with them from me (if you register as a referral, of course).

The list is constantly being supplemented.

Useful services

  • Capitalist - Convenient payment system with smart support. Allows you to convert almost any currency, Qiwi, WebMoney and other payments, supports Bitcoin.


  • OverLead - Symbiosis of all necessary functions needed by a seoshnik in one service;
  • Topvisor - The right service for taking positions in the PS;
  • Rush Analytics - If you need to collect the left column of Wordstat for a large number of queries - very helpful;
  • Serpstat - Analog of Ahrefs from Netpeak, a lot of useful information about competitors, links and rendition. There are far fewer sites with useful data, but if there is - it is more interesting than Ahrefs;
  • - The only Norm service for rf on semantics;
  • SmmBox - Amazing service for finding content for your pages in social networks;
  • SendPulse - I use it to work with email (collection, mailings) and push-mailings, I just haven’t found anything better in terms of price/quality ratio.
  • Sollabogator - The fattest exchange, with fat sites, highly recommended for white projects (price tags are high, commission is huge, but there are donors very tasty and worth it);
  • Sape - The oldest exchange of leased links, you can find donors for any needs;
  • Trustik - I do not recommend, dangerous;
  • PRPosting - Norm;
  • - So far the best service for crowd-links.
  • - Not a good service for crowd-links.

There are no most exchanges, for donors - garbage. Yes, and in those that brought above, about 70% - garbage, but you can find something ok.

Hosting and domains

  • Fornex - Now my favorite for hosting in general everything in almost any geo;
  • Inferno - Best place to host gambling and similar topics. Shares my heart with Fornex;
  • Friendhosting - Inexpensive hosting, great support.
  • - Excellent Ukrainian hosting.
  • - One of the oldest domain name registrars in Runet. I recommend that immediately after registration to write to the support and ask to include a partner rate (there are for webmasters, seoshniki, studios, etc., issue without problems) to get good prices on domains;
  • NetAngels - Not bad hosting, in Russia, Yekaterinburg. Its control panel, quite convenient + good prices, I keep for the sake of projects under Russia;
  • Fozzy - Another hosting for some projects, not to keep everything in one basket.

Exchanges of texts and micro-tasks

  • Socialpublik - Just a top exchange by number of workers and geo. Immediately ban countries like Iran, performers from there no. Otherwise - top, I order copywriting and fulfillment of tasks, like leave a comment or like a post;
  • Turbotext - Used to be a favorite, now in second place. The support service is just not good at all;
  • SmmPanda - Recruitment of indicators in social networks by live users (without bots), with reasonable prices. More put applications, write reviews, comments, make registrations, vote and perform similar actions;
  • Forumok - Rude support, performers are so bad. To “dilute” - will do;
  • Kvork - A treasure trove of performers of various tasks.

Software for work

  • A-Parser - Parser for everything. Top for finding drops.