Made a plugin for Indexer service

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After a heartwarming story about leaking sites by Indexme service my humble utility Indexer (which does not collect your data) was flooded with happy seo-specialists, gracefully driving any sites into the index of Yandex. However, the service had two problems:

  • Some sites block the display in iframe (this interferes when you need to index a donor page with a fresh link to your site);
  • Sites without ssl do not display in iframe.

For sites without https I raised a mirror for myself on a subdomain with http, but with blocking iframe nothing can be done, only “evolve”. That’s what I did. And wrote a plugin.

I made!

Indexer is a plugin for Chrome (and I.Browser)

I love to pode, and this time the fruit of my love is a plugin for Google Chrome, which is suitable for Yandex browser (otherwise what would be the point of it?).


You install the plugin, click on it - it opens a window with a text field for the urls you want to run. Fill it out, click “Go!” and the plugin starts its work.

Install plugin Indexer

The plugin is free, but you can always donate. Your bugreports and suggestions for improvement are actively accepted.

Why do I need the plugin and how to index pages with it?

There is a small topic: if you open any page in the browser Yandex, it will certainly go to the same name bot. So:

  1. Install the plugin in Y.Browser;
  2. Specify a list of pages to bypass;
  3. Start the bypass;
  4. Wait for the end of the traversal.

Works even for the most shitty sites.